The Zenite Boutique Hotel & Spa 4*

The new Zenite Boutique Hotel & Spa **** has rebuilt the image of Angra do Heroísmo, as well as giving it a new image. The hotel was reborn from an old 18th-century manor house, which existed until the 1980 earthquake and, after it, was completely in ruins. On March 28, 2021 that same building, already [...]

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Tourist Activities in the Azores

Tourist activities in the Azores? Right away! The archipelago has several beautiful and unique landscapes, which, in fact, deserve your attention. Get to know the main tourist activities in the Azores! Central Group Terceira On Terceira Island, more specifically in Praia da Vitória, you can enjoy various activities, such as: bodyboarding, windsurfing, sailing boat trips [...]

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10 Tourist Spots in Terceira Island

Terceira Island is full of wonderful places to visit. The 10 sights in Terceira Island are fantastic to walk around, either to enjoy a sunrise or sunset and get to know our land. We recommend our Viewpoints Tour so that you can get to know the island. 1º Touristic point - Serra do Cume [...]

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Top 6 Restaurants in Terceira Island

Meet the Top 6 restaurants in Terceira Island, and have an incredible gastronomic experience. The Terceira Island is the stage of your gastronomy, be it a meat dish or a fish dish, everyone likes it. The restaurants in Terceira Island are, without a doubt, obligatory points in the tourist routes so that you have a gastronomic experience. 1) Typical Restaurant [...]

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Zenitravel - An Agency with Its Own Hotels

ZeniTravel Agency is an agency with its own hotels, from an early age, which created its position in the Autonomous Region of the Azores, not only because it is an agency open to the world but also because it is the only agency in Terceira Island with 2 own Hotels. The Agency promotes outdoor sports activities such as [...]

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